Armoured Vehicles & Cash In Transit

White Knight Industries employs the only licensed armed guards in the area and operate the only privately owned armoured vehicle in the North West.

With extensive experience in transporting cash and other valuables, the professional officers are fully trained and qualified to effectively guard your valuables whilst in transit and alleviate the risk to your staff.

The Cash In Transit service caters for all the needs of small, medium and large business. These services include:

  • Business banking facility
  • Change/coin transfers
  • Servicing and replenishment of ATMs
  • Secure cash and valuables transit
  • 6/7 Tonkin Street
  • PO Box 2040
  • South Hedland
  • Western Australia, 6722
Phone: (08) 9140 1090
Fax: (08) 9140 1182
Email: info at wki-security dot com dot au